Player Name Goals Apples Points
Colin Roth 18 11 29
Phil Eastman 13 13 26
Kevin Cassidy 6 10 16
Von Mondevergine 8 4 12
Adam Kaczmarek 3 0 3
John Bauman 0 1 1
Mike Sheridan 0 1 1
Tim Howland 0 1 1
Dylan Huckestein 0 0 0
Kevin Hagan 0 0 0
Will Brunner 0 0 0

Last Game:
- Bimmies249
Player Name: John Bauman.

Nickname: .

0 G,1 A, 1P
John Bauman was born in the dangerous back alleys of the upper east side, in the heart of Manhattan. His childhood was rough as he was abandoned by his parents at the age of 6. John wandered the back streets of Manhattan for over a year, scraping for food and sleepin under bridges in central park. Till one day when he happened to be by Madison Square Garden during a rangers bruins game, where the legendary bruins goalie Gerry Cheevers also happen to be watchin the game. When Gerry was leaving the game, he saw sleepin in an alley and knew he had to help the kid out. Gerry took John in as his own, which would also be the beginning to John's stellar career as a roller hockey goalie. Gerry told and taught John everything he could to being the best goalie there is in the game. By the age of 18, John had made enough money off hustlin players in shootuts in the streets that he was able to go and get acceptted into Penn State University, where he was immediately picked up by Wasted Talent to play goalie in the YMCA league. As John was leaving for school, he told Gerry that he would wear his mask he wore in the NHL to pay homage to him for his gratefulness and to re-live his name for the game of hockey. John is currently in the second year of his contract with Wasted Talent, posting a 3-0 record with a 2.75 GAA and .923 save % this season. John is also currently being looked at by several AHL teams to come play for them, which he is currently considering as an option as he will be eligible for the draft next season.