Player Name Goals Apples Points
Colin Roth 18 11 29
Phil Eastman 13 13 26
Kevin Cassidy 6 10 16
Von Mondevergine 8 4 12
Adam Kaczmarek 3 0 3
John Bauman 0 1 1
Mike Sheridan 0 1 1
Tim Howland 0 1 1
Dylan Huckestein 0 0 0
Kevin Hagan 0 0 0
Will Brunner 0 0 0

Last Game:
- Bimmies249
Player Name: Phil Eastman.

Nickname: .

13 G,13 A, 26P
Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Phil found himself looking for guidance in the realm of roller hockey in the 3rd grade. It was then, he found himself a mentor in the form of Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid movie. Phil followed Miyagi until Miyagi was gun downed on the streets of West Philadelphia one tragic October night. In high school Phil gained more roller hockey experience while playing with friends on tennis courts and after he got rid of the snap strap roller blades and moved on to Missions, he was on his way to the big leagues (Penn State Roller Hockey League.) He now plays for Wasted Talent, an up and coming team in the league, and hopes that they will bring home a championship in 2008.