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Will Brunner

Kevin Cassidy

Phil Eastman

Kevin Hagan

Tim Howland

Dylan Huckestein

Adam Kaczmarek

Von Mondevergine

Colin Roth

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Player Name: Will Brunner.

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Stasch was born in Dubrovka, a town outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. As young boy, Stasch was great fan of CSKA Moscow. CSKA Moscow beats New York Rangers, Pittsburg Penguins, and tie Montreal Canadians. It obvious to Stasch that players of Russia much better than players of USA. So Stasch will learn this game in city St. Petersburg. In city St. Petersburg Stasch find no money, no home. Stasch sell cocain, he also mix with baking soda. With money, he learns hockey to be the best. Stasch has never played with wheels, but will learn silly game variation. At Penn State Stasch sell baking soda mix and rolls on wheels. Wasted Talent has drafted Stasch and will play in Spring 2008. Beware of The Red Army.