Player Name: Dylan Huckestein.

Height: 5'10".

Weight: 210 lbs.

Nick Name: B500 No Cage #1, Chirpfest, Clapshow.

Dylan AKA D Huck came out of the womb with rollerblades on and a huge piece of lumber in his hand. Many people told his parents that he was born to clap from beyond 60 feet. Dylan began pursuing this dream at a young age in Indianapolis while playing roller hockey with his neighborhood friends. He still is a legend in the old neighborhood, as even the young kids today have heard the legend of the deep clapper. From 1998-2006 Dylan was retired from Roller Hockey, but when presented the opportunity last year he came back with a vengeance like Mario Lemieux did upon his return to the ice. Dylan currently lives in the boondocks of Maine and since there is nothing better to do, he rips claps at the Moose as they pass by, he even killed one once.

Last Game:
- Bimmies249
Player Name: Von Mondevergine.

Nickname: .

8 G,4 A, 12P
Von began his roller hockey career in the suburbs of Philadelphia. During the ice hockey off season his friends and him would play countless hours of roller hockey at Memorial Park. Countless hours of 2 on 2 sculpted Von's game as he worked his way up towards high school. Von moved to Canada to be taken under the wing of Reggie Dunlap. Reggie and the rest of Le Chefs showed Von the ropes of how to be a real hockey player, old time hockey. Reggie schooled Von in the fine art of Player Coach, a skill that came naturally to him. He returned to the States ready for action. Von found himself at Penn State reunited with his Springfield buddies as a part of Wasted Talent RHC. Watch for the grit of Northern Canada to lead WT to its first IMRH championship.