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Wasted Talent War Crys Do the Trick

Wednesday April 8th , 2009 at 08:28:00 PM

With the absence of Player/GM Von Mondevergine, WT really needed a lift this past weekend. Phil Eastman stepped up and buried 5 goals and nabbed 3 apples, however he fell three times so he technically had 5 points total. The real story here however, is Kevin Cassidy's Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

"In ice hockey, a Gordie Howe hat trick is an unofficial variation on the hat trick, wherein a player scores a goal, records an assist, and receives a penalty or gets in a fight all in one game. It is named after Gordie Howe, who is known for both his scoring ability and his fisticuffs."

The Base's inspired play carried the team over to Sunday's game against Stasch Demidoz's national team, CCCP. It was there that Colin Roth buried 8 goals to almost single-handedly dispose of the Red Army, Phil Eastman recorded no falls.

On Wednesday, WT annihilated "The Ducks," who are in the running for the most original name in the IM Comp. League.

After seeing three straight dominating performances out of WT, one must ask, is the absence of Von "Claude Giroux" Mondevergine a blessing in disguise? Time will tell.

Children's Pajamas Gets By With a Little Help From Their Friends

Tuesday March 24th , 2009 at 01:08:00 AM

After adding both Peter Forsberg (circa 1993) and a forward from Team USA Roller Hockey, CPJ just managed to tie Wasted Talent and force a shootout. Though WT couldn't hold a steady lead, they still dominated most of the game.

In addition to this, Assistant Coach Gregg... Rick Tocchet was looking ever so snazzy in his gold tie/blue shirt combo, which he unintentionally matched with Coach Melrose.
This fucker was really there!

Wasted Talent hosts the Cheesy Puffs this Saturday at the YMCA. They'd better hope for their own sake that Cheesy Puff eating MVP Kevin Cassidy comes down with the flu, because if not he's gonna "take some inches off" as they say in the cheesy puff eatin' world.

Game over Cheese Fucks!

Wasted Talent Splits their First Week

Sunday March 22nd , 2009 at 08:49:00 PM

In two nail-biting games against both Team Chirp and D5, WT took things to a shootout. In the first game of the year WT overcame team Chirp in a shootout victory thanks to an all around team effort. Today against the rival D5 squad, The Talent had trouble holding a lead. After a long game, WT lost it in a shootout.Coach Melrose had this to say:

"We're gonna need better goaltending."

Equipment manager Bauer could not be found for comment.

Though Cheevers did not pull out a win, it's this reporters opinion that sobriety killed the cat.

Wasted Talent Summer Workout

Tuesday August 5th , 2008 at 03:10:00 PM

Wasted Talent is going through their summer fitness program. More on that later.

WT Slumps SAMI, On to the Second Round

Thursday May 1st , 2008 at 11:19:00 AM

Though Mr. Murder himself, Dylan Huckestein was not present for the first round of the playoffs, The Talent was able to steam roll the opposition regardless. Papi Chulo stepped in for D-Huck and hung tough on D. Half drunk goalie, John Bauman played exceptionally well and helped the Talent maintain dominance. There was also a strong showing from just about everyone on offense.

Tonight's game is a possible rainout, but either way the Talent will be ready, willing, and able to play their best. On to the second round!

We're Finally Back

Tuesday April 29th , 2008 at 02:50:00 AM

Well Talent-Heads, it's the last week of the season but we're back nonetheless. Pretty soon the entire site will be finished and you can check out all your favorite WT Info.

We Finally got a picture up this week, however two of our beloved players could not make it. Will Brunner was in outer space, and Papi Chulo was supporting the Fightin Phil's in Pittsburgh.

Look out for our first playoff game, tonight(Tuesday, April 29) at the Y, 10:30 v.s. SAMI. -Cass

After A Brief Hiatus...

Wednesday April 25th , 2007 at 07:39:16 PM

We're back. The site was down while I was fixing up some stuff and working on other crap. We've updated the results to the games. While we were out we lost our first game of the year, won a forfeit, and dominated a bunch of benders. Playoffs are next week so be prepared to see a side of WT that you never expected.

Second Period Explosion Helps Down 5-Year Plan

Monday April 9th , 2007 at 04:59:46 PM

Today Wasted Talent played poorly in the first half. They let up 4 goals and only mustered 2. However after a thrilling and uplifting speech from Player/Coach Von Mondevergine, WT was able to explode in the second and score 4 straight goals. Looks like 5 Year Plans gonna have to stop thinkin' about the future and start thinkin' about today.

Wasted Talent Ends it Early

Thursday April 5th , 2007 at 12:56:15 AM

For the second time this season Wasted Talent 10 goaled a team less than 5 minutes into the second period. Although the first 10 minutes were rather slow, when it started to hail, WT toughed it out and got to scoring, fast. 9 goals later they were goin' home. Special thanks to Joe Marker for comin' out and playin' for a team that cares about each individual player for the person that they are, not the position that they play.

Website to be Finished Soon

Wednesday April 4th , 2007 at 02:07:00 AM

Work on the database and the php stuff for this website is being done so that it will soon be finished. Expect to see it in full force by next week, just in time for those damn Children's Pajamas.

Wasted Talent DOMINATES Team Iceland

Tuesday April 3rd , 2007 at 09:06:00 AM

Team Iceland came out and scored an early goal and got on top of Goaltender John Bauman very quickly. However it was only a matter of time before Wasted Talent went on a 6 goal tear, and absolutely ended the game. Didn't Iceland realize when they chose a name that Team Iceland did NOT win the Junior Goodwill Games?

Last Game:
- Bimmies249
Player Name: Will Brunner.

Nickname: .

0 G,0 A, 0P
Stasch was born in Dubrovka, a town outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. As young boy, Stasch was great fan of CSKA Moscow. CSKA Moscow beats New York Rangers, Pittsburg Penguins, and tie Montreal Canadians. It obvious to Stasch that players of Russia much better than players of USA. So Stasch will learn this game in city St. Petersburg. In city St. Petersburg Stasch find no money, no home. Stasch sell cocain, he also mix with baking soda. With money, he learns hockey to be the best. Stasch has never played with wheels, but will learn silly game variation. At Penn State Stasch sell baking soda mix and rolls on wheels. Wasted Talent has drafted Stasch and will play in Spring 2008. Beware of The Red Army.